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During this month, for all the Spanish radio transmitters that ask for it, we offer our musical program "Hit Odd habit" free and frees. Almost 100 hours of quality radio, free, for its transmitter. Speakers can partially listen to it in the section "Programs of radio of the page Digital Scene". Promotion finalized except for exceptions.

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  The Association of speakers of Internet BTB puts to the service of the small radio transmitters and advertising television, producer and company, a service of locution of publicity wedges, messages for answering machine, megafonía, documentary, videos, DVD and CD ROM, that presents/displays the following characteristics:
Express (made in less than 24 hours from its request).
Adapted to the duration of its habitual advertising campaigns.
Of Maxima quality.


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Spanish voices overs:


Voiceovers Spanish


Budgets and tariffs




Shipments in less than 24 hours.

Quality of Maxima sound in Mp3 and Wav.

Than 50 000works more made.


To know how To live (the TVE)

The image of your life (the TVE)

Microespacio Hercesa (Telemadrid)

First of the class (the TVE)

The Summer of your life (the TVE)

Your Furniture (Telemadrid/Antena 3·)

Your Furniture (emitting nationals)

Present PC (Telemadrid)

Castile and Leon (Promotional in Catalan)

Megafonía of the RENFE

Obsession (the TVE)

Intel Centrino (international Presentation)


* More than 20000 jingles, indicatives and commercial wedges in local transmitters.


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Advertising productions for radio, television and producers. Spanis voice over. Male and female voices.
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